Performance statistics for stored procedures

By looking at the results returned by dm_exec_procedure_stats DMV, we can gather info about how a stored procedure is performing:

        DB_NAME(database_id), as SPName, execution_count
        , total_physical_reads, total_physical_reads / execution_count as avg_physical_reads
        , total_logical_reads, total_logical_reads / execution_count as avg_logical_reads
        , total_elapsed_time, total_elapsed_time / execution_count as avg_elapsed_time
        , QP.query_plan
        sys.procedures P
        JOIN sys.dm_exec_procedure_stats S ON S.object_id = P.object_id
        CROSS APPLY [sys].[dm_exec_query_plan] (S.[plan_handle]) QP
        S.database_id = DB_ID()
        AND P.is_ms_shipped = 0

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