Improvements and enhancements in SQL Server 2017

Resumable Online Index Rebuild.This Database Engine feature in the latest edition of SQL Server, allows the user to resume the online index rebuilding operation from exactly where it was hindered due to failure. This includes failures like less disk space, failover to replica, or simple pauses in the operation.

Automatic Database Tuning.This feature allows you to take pre-emptive action for potential query troubles. It gives you insights to query performance troubles, along with suggesting solutions for the same. It can also fix problems once they have been identified.

Graph Database Capabilities.SQL Server 2017 provides Graph Database Capabilities for modeling many – to many relationships. They have been integrated with T- SQL and also allow for easy querying and storing of graph data.

Improved Backup Performance.For all the small databases that are running on high end servers, the backup process is optimized in a way that several iterations of the buffer pool are avoided, this leads to improved performance of backups for small as well as medium databases. As the size of your database keeps on increasing, your gains in terms of performance keep on decreasing.

Query Store Improvements.The query store in SQL Server 2017 can now give you wait stats summary, it tracks all the wait stats categories for all queries in the Query store. This allows for enhanced troubleshooting experience which gives better insights of workload performance and bottlenecks.

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