UNPIVOT table example

You can use the UNPIVOT relational operator rotate columns into rows values. For example, having the below table:

We'll have the below ouput:

First, let's create a table variable and fill it with some sample rows:

     ( OrderId INT IDENTITY (1,1), CustomerId INT, YearNo SMALLINT, Jan INT, Feb INT, Mar INT)
INSERT INTO @Orders (CustomerId,YearNo, Jan, Feb, Mar)
VALUES (1, 2013, 3, 33, 333), (1, 2012, 2, 22, 222), (2, 2009, 9, 99, 999)

Here it is a very simple usage of UNPIVOT:

SELECT CustomerId, YearNo, MonthNo, Value FROM @Orders UNPIVOT (Value FOR MonthNo IN (Jan, Feb, Mar)) AS unpvt;

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