How to find all the dependencies of a table - Object dependencies

In SQL Server 2008 there are two new Dynamic Management Functions introduced to keep track of Object Dependencies: sys.dm_sql_referenced_entities and sys.dm_sql_referencing_entities.

Returning the entities that refer to a given entity:

        referencing_schema_name, referencing_entity_name,
        referencing_class_desc, is_caller_dependent
FROM sys.dm_sql_referencing_entities ('<TableName>', 'OBJECT')

Returning entities that are referenced by an object:

        referenced_schema_name, referenced_entity_name, referenced_minor_name,
        referenced_class_desc, is_caller_dependent, is_ambiguous
FROM sys.dm_sql_referenced_entities ('<StoredProcedureName>', 'OBJECT');

Another option is to use a pretty useful tool called SQL Dependency Tracker from Red Gate.

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