Lock granularity

RID A row identifier used to lock a single row within a heap.
KEY A single row is locked - index key for a single row in an index.
PAGE An 8-kilobyte (KB) page in a database, such as data or index pages.
EXTENT A lock on an extent (=a contiguous group of 8 pages, such as data or index pages). Used, for example, when an ALTER INDEX REBUILD command is executed on a table and the pages of the table may be moved from an existing extent to a new extent.
HoBT It acts like a table-level lock, but on a partition instead of on the table itself.
TABLE The entire table, including all data and indexes => blocks all write requests on the entire table (including indexes), it can significantly hurt database concurrency.
FILE A database file.
APPLICATION An application-specified resource.
METADATA The table schema definition is locked.
ALLOCATION_UNIT An allocation unit.
DATABASE The entire database.

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